This week saw us transforming the rEvive space in to a lighting shop. Lighting was one of the first things I began to do with Bags2riches as I loved the translucency of recycled plastics; the plastic’s also really light and durable. Inspired by  ‘Seeing through Art’ , another project I’ve done recently, I got really excited about creating some new light designs and so didn’t leave The Making House until nearly midnight as I busied myself with creating sheet from plastic bags and sewing patterns.

As well as my own work I also took along inspiration from 2 other local designers: Katie Stainer who works in recycled books and Sarah Turner who works in recycled plastic bottles and recently did a fantastic installation at The Olympic park.





Each week I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people have come along and joined in with the shop making project and this week was no exception. As well as making I’ve loved how the changing group of people creates a really interesting space for discussion and this week was pretty lively, I learnt lots about music and Long Eaton’s town centre history, as well as plenty of thoughts on recycling. Today’s highlights were:

Paul ‘the thinker’ came along to see if he could help, thinking he’d be moving some furniture around, some 4 hours later he left having created 3 t.lights, much thought was involved in the designs and the play on images, one such scenario, a dog stuck in a quandary deciding between a bone or 2 lovely ladies either side!


‘Mello’ dropped in, intrigued to see what we were doing and in the end was persuaded to get creative.


Jean (not Violet) enjoyed last week and so came back to help create lights and made both plastic T.light shades and then got busy turning an old shade, top and fabric in to a sumptuous bedroom lamp. I was also really chuffed to see she was wearing her ‘bow string’ necklace that she made inspired by last weeks session.


At one point a group of 7 nursery children descended upon the shop ready to get making, so we worked on a group light shade for the other standard lamp stand I’d brought in.




I had a few other projects in mind that people helped me with and then finally after a long, busy, but really enjoyable day, I set about dressing the window.

Today’s been my favourite day so far and I now want to get in to making more lights, so hope you enjoy the shop as much as i did!

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If you are inspired to get making, this is a really important health and safety note:

All the lights have been designed to be used with Energy Efficient Bulbs only; there must also be sufficient space left around the bulb otherwize this is a serious fire hazard.

Don’t use these materials near a flame, conventional light bulb or halogen light bulb.